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INEX>BOARDS provide a range of high performing, lighter weight materials for the construction industry. INEX>BOARDS offer a superior, yet price competitive, environmentally friendly alternative to fibre cement and plasterboard products.


INEX>FLOOR is a high strength lightweight flooring substrate with tongue and groove (T&G) edges. It can be used for external or internal applications; as a substrate for most finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber. INEX>FLOOR can be used in conjunction with floor systems to achieve up to BAL-FZ bushfire compliance. INEX>FLOOR is simplicity itself. A single affordable product for multiple flooring applications.


The textured surface of INEX>DECKING provides a superb surface for a wide range of approved coating systems. INEX>DECKING has pencil round edges along the length of the board. INEX>DECKING is suitable for all decking applications, where the required Live Load is not greater than 1.8kN and a uniformly distributed load of not greater than 3.0 kPa


INEX>WALLBOARD comes with both square and recessed edges to suit different joint and setting requirements. The smooth side of INEX>WALLBOARD provides a superior surface finish for paint applications. The reverse side of INEX>WALLBOARD has a textured surface designed for roll-on texture coating systems. Superior to compressed fibre cement sheeting, INEX>WALLBOARD can be finished in its beautiful raw form by applying a clear sealer.

Technical Manual

More information on Inex>Boards can be found in the Inex>Boards Technical
Manual, available for download on our resources page.

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