Torrens Boundary Wall System

Using INEX RenderBoard

For projects where you want to construct the dwellings in your development independently, the simple. cost effective
solution is the Torrens Boundary Wall System from Inex Boards.

The Torrens Boundary wall system is the ideal solution for zero lot line construction, and can be used in Class la construction
as a single skin wall cladding or as a Torrens Title Boundary Wall between duplex, triplex or townhouses. This simple system
is composed of six key components, including Inex Renderboard, which combine to create a wall system which maximises
usable space, allows easy install from one side where a neighboring wall exists, and offers outstanding performance in
acoustics, weather and fire resistance.

When building homes in close proximity to each other, sometimes with walls no thicker than 350mm, acoustic reduction
and fire performance are critical considerations to creating wonderful living spaces. All system designs for TBW achieve well
above the standard RW/CTR 50 acoustic performance, as well as a 60/60/60 fire rating. Torrens Boundary Wall delivers a
variety of floor plan solutions for adjoining class 1 buildings in accordance with NCC requirements.

The system offers the versatility to be used in timber and steel frame construction, with the requirement for furring channels
and fixing clips being the only additional requirement in timber frame applications.

The advantage of the Torrens Boundary Wall system is that is enables staged construction of adjacent Class la buildings
by first creating an external wall to meet fire, thermal and weatherproofing requirements. When an adjoining tenancy
is added, the combined system can be used to act as an intertenancy wall that may be required to satisfy an acoustic
separation function.

Torrens Boundary Wall System


System Component


20 mm Cavity




Min. 25 mm, 0.75 BMT Top Hat (for timber frame). or min. 35 mm. 0.75 BMT Top Hat (for steel frame) at max. 600 mm vertical centres


Min. 90 mm Timber Frame to A6 1460, or min. 92 mm Steel Frame to AS/NZS4600


90 mm Thick R2.5 Knauf Earthwool Insulation


Min. 16mm Furring Channels on 5 mm Fixing Clips at max. 900mm Vertical Centres


16 mm Thick Knauf Fireshield Plasterboard


Inex Renderboard is a lightweight non-loadbearing cladding material which does not deliver
bracing resistance to the frame and any such framing resistance should be provided by the frame
design itself.


Build ground wall 01, then locate
pre-fabricated ground wall 02 panels


Build first floor platform,
then build first floor wall 01


Locate pre-fabricated first
floor wall 02 panels


Acoustic and Fire Performance

In duplex, triplex or townhouse developments adjoining property living rooms and bedrooms
can be less than 350 mm apart. Acoustic performance & compliance is 0 critical consideration.
The NCC requires separating walls in adjoining Class 1 buildings to meet not less than Rw+Ctr 50.

Torrens Boundary Wall Systems have been tested at the CSIRO Acoustic Laboratory to Rw/Rw+Ctr = 63/53.

Technical Manual

More information on Inex>Boards can be found in the Inex>Boards Technical
Manual, available for download on our resources page.

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